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The Seven - A weekly digest by Keeya-Lee Ayre

Dear friends,

In yesterday's edition of The Seven, digest #3, I included a link to Zadie Smith's "Generation Why?" essay on The New York Review of Books website, noting that it was free. It turns out it is not free; though the opening paragraphs are provided as a preview, it sits behind a paywall.

For those who have just signed up and didn't receive yesterday's digest, I'm referring to a book of essays by Smith called Feel Free. I believe the entire book is important, and each essay is worth reading, so I've decided to run a giveaway. I will be sending one subscriber a copy of the book, posted to you for free (via Book Depository), wherever in the world you are.

Existing subscribers: Please visit the contest page to enter. I will not automatically enter you, so please register your interest there. You of course don't need to sign up to The Seven a second time!

New subscribers: If you have been forwarded this message, you will need to sign up to The Seven, and also complete the contest form.

I will cross-reference the subscriber database with the contest entrants (it isn't automatic) so if you haven't subscribed to the Seven and entered with the same email address on the contest page, you won't be eligible to win.

The winner will be chosen at random on Saturday night (GMT-4), and announced in this coming Sunday's digest of The Seven. I will then contact the winner to get their preferred shipping address and send the book!

Sending warmth from Atlanta to wherever you are,


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